Veterinary Outlet Mapping in Nigeria

The Veterinary Council of Nigeria (VCN) is on a mission to develop a unified record of all Veterinary clinics in Nigeria. The project employs a dynamic field data acquisition method to map all Vet practice premises within Nigeria. 

Milsat provided the required technical support for the project. Our native mobile application for data collection(Enumeration pad), and the real-time monitoring and data aggregation dashboard (Enumeration Dashboard) were deployed for the project. A custom version of the dashboard with special functionalities was built for the project—VCN Dashboard.

Pre-project Stage

  • Training

The prospective field workers were trained on the use of the Enumeration pad and more importantly, the best practices for field data collection. The training was divided into theoretical and practical sessions:

In the theoretical session, the techniques of field mapping, the methods of asking locals for necessary information and the technical strengths of the Enumeration pad were explained. 

The hands-on session involved the demoing of the Enumeration pad for data collection and location capture. 

  • Pilot Testing

A three(3) day application and field understanding pilot was conducted within the Six Local government areas of the FCT. Seventeen (17) trained Veterinary Medicine students who are attached to the VCN were deployed as Enumerators, with the support of selected Milsat Enumerators who worked as Supervisors for the Pilot exercise.  

In the pilot, a total of 243 Veterinary Clinics were captured. Uniform form fields were collected from all the Veterinary clinics across the Six Local Government areas. All records were exported locally and uploaded to the cloud by the Enumerators. Pilot testing records can be viewed on the VCN dashboard in the statistical and map view.

Data acquisition Phase

Coming soon

Post-acquisition and presentation stage

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Details will be updated as soon as operations commence for each phase…