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Over 120+ Million data processed
EnumerationTechnolgoiesEnumeration Technologies
End-to-end data collection, aggregation, and visualisation solution for businesses and governments to satisfy all data requirements.
Real Estate DashboardReal Estate Dashboard
All-in-one platform for realtors and estate managers to connect with prospects, control estate land allocation, upsell parcels and visualize buildings.
Salesforce DashboardSalesforce Dashboard
Simplified dashboard for sales managers to track agents, receive live agent feedback, understand salesman performance and visualize revenue per area.
Electra iconElectra
Eliminate assumptions within your facilities through simple equipment and energy source tracking, generator usage reporting and live transformer health monitoring.
bookMilsat Aspirant Program
Learn modern geospatial modules, get exposed to industry use of geospatial techniques and level up your GIS skills with one-to-one mentorship and expert guidance.
networkEnumeration Network
Decentralize your business field data acquisition and market research procedures by leveraging a network of certified data collectors across Africa.

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