GIS in Nigeria: The role of data availability and accuracy

August Geosession

Theme: GIS in Nigeria: The role of Data Availability and Accessibility
Date: Sat, Aug 20, 02:00 pm GMT+1

Data helps to drive decisions across sectors and technology ecosystems, and GIS technology is not exempt. At the heart of GIS is data, consistently setting the tone for the decisions that can be made.

GIS is fast becoming a principal ingredient to all sustainable development in developed nations. Its use can be attributed to the availability of multiple data sets with high-level accuracy. In Nigeria, however, gaps exist between our utilization of GIS technology compared to our western counterparts. Many sectors within the nation still require the GIS touch to attain their full potential.

Join us in the Milsat August Geosession where some industry administrators will share a thought leader perspective on the impact of data availability and accuracy limitations on the current state of GIS in Nigeria.

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