enumeration network for location data

The Enumerators Network is a group of upskilled data collectors within the continent. The group exists to provide businesses, NGOs and governments with the assurance of accurate data collection on the field. The youths in the group have been trained particularly on the intricacies of collecting data in Nigeria and the continent at large. At Milsat, we offer these trained youths for data collection projects to further cement assurances on accuracy for our clients. 

The Enumeration Network offers businesses and decision-makers the opportunity to carefully acquire quality data with confidence. The human part of the Enumeration by Milsat product aims at bridging the gap in technical skills that has existed in data collection in Africa.

We are always looking out for youths between the ages of 16 and 29 to join our Network. Accepted applicants will be trained and inducted into the Network.

Complete the form below to join the largest Network of youth mappers in Africa. Applications are received on a rolling basis.


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