Milsat NDPR and data compliance

Milsat is NDPR compliant: What it means for you

Milsat NDPR and data compliance

Milsat is proud to announce that we are NDPR Audit compliant, and this article highlights what this means for you. The Nigerian Data Protection Regulation (NDPR) was established by the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) to address concerns regarding privacy and the protection of personal data. This regulation is designed to govern the dos and don’ts of personal data processing within Nigeria, ensuring that your information is handled responsibly.

To meet the requirements of the NDPR, we have taken several important steps:

  1. Designation of a Data Protection Officer: We have appointed a dedicated Data Protection Officer who is responsible for overseeing and driving our organization’s data compliance efforts. This ensures that your data is handled with the utmost care and per the regulation.
  2. Conducting Data Protection Audits: We perform regular audits of our data processing activities and report these audits through a Data Protection Compliance Organization (DPCO) to NITDA. This allows us to continuously assess and improve our data protection practices, providing you with peace of mind knowing that your information is being handled securely.
  3. Transparency through Data Protection Policy: We have developed a comprehensive data protection policy that aligns with the requirements of the NDPR. This policy is published and easily accessible, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of how your data is collected, processed, and protected.
  4. Continuous Training: We are providing ongoing training to all our personnel involved in processing personal data. This ensures that our team is well-equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to handle your data responsibly and in compliance with the regulation.

In terms of the data we collect from you, the NDPR has specific guidelines that we strictly adhere to:

  • Data Storage Limitation: We only retain your data for as long as it is reasonably needed. The NDPR’s data storage limitation ensures that any information we acquire directly from you is accurate, adequate, and free from prejudice.
  • Clear and Easy-to-Read Privacy Policy: We have implemented a privacy policy that is written in simple and easy-to-understand language. This policy clearly explains the types of data we collect and how we use it, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of our data practices.
  • Data Transfer Compliance: If there is a need to transfer your data to a foreign country, we only do so if the target country is compliant with NITDA data protection standards. Furthermore, all data transfer activities are subject to the supervision of the Honorable Attorney General of the Federation, ensuring that your data is protected even when it leaves Nigeria’s borders.
  • Robust Security Measures: We take the security of your data seriously. Our implemented security infrastructure is designed to safeguard your information from theft and cyber-attacks, providing you with a high level of data protection.
  • Third-Party Collaboration: In cases where we collaborate with third-party data companies, we ensure that the guidelines for processing your data are documented and remain accessible to you. This transparency guarantees that your information is handled in compliance with the NDPR, even when entrusted to external partners.

Completing the NDPR audit is a testament to our commitment to actively collect and handle personal data within the highest compliance standards. We prioritize your privacy and the security of your information, and we are dedicated to maintaining these standards to ensure your trust in us.

At Milsat, we are here to protect your data and provide you with a reliable and secure experience. If you have any questions or concerns about our data protection practices or the NDPR, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at