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/ Native Technologies / Local Data Acquisition / Segmented Analytics
/ Native Technologies / Local Data Acquisition / Segmented Analytics
about us

Who we are

We are a Data Acquisition as a service (DaaS) company focused on building location data collection tools, methodologies, and native analytical concepts specifically for the African ecosystem. Our clients come from several industries, including demography, marketing, location consultancy, non-profit organisation bodies, and government agencies.

At Milsat Technologies, the confidence in providing a quality multivariate dataset distinguishes us in our industry. We take pride in providing the best data service, customer experience and creating an enviable company culture.

What we do

Milsat Technologies provides comprehensive and integrated data acquisition service, software development as a tool, mobile application design, and the implementation of world-class data monitoring dashboards. Our expertise guarantees quality, competence and rapid execution of projects ranging from small-sized data collection to more extensive multivariate data collection processes.

We partner with several standardised geospatial platforms to ensure you get the best version of data from your location of interest within Africa.

We emphasise data quality assurance, time, and cost-efficiency—allowing us to establish a clear set of goals that ensure the quality of work and data is maintained uniformly across the board, giving clients 100% satisfaction.

Our Vision

To build on the reputation of being the first and most innovative company creating location-based technologies and solutions that foster native data collection, processing, verification, and analysis for precise decision making and business planning.

Our Mission

To make African location data acquisition native, valid, custom, and seamless.