Improving Africa location data standard with Local expertise

Who We Are

Milsat Technologies is a Data Acquisition as a service (DaaS) company focused on building location data collection tools, methodologies, and native analytical concepts specifically for the African ecosystem. Milsat Technologies exist to help companies across multiple industries including marketing, location consultancy, non-profit organizations, and government agencies to make important decisions by acquiring accurate data across the continent.

At Milsat Technologies, the confidence in providing a quality multivariate dataset distinguishes us in our industry. We take pride in providing the best data service, customer experience and creating world-class solutions to lingering business data problems.

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What We Do

Our priority is to provide comprehensive and integrated data acquisition services, software development as a tool, mobile application design, and the implementation of world-class data monitoring dashboards for businesses and governments within Africa to fulfil their location data needs. 

Our operational model focuses on integrating several popular geospatial platforms to ensure the most accurate location data of interest is acquired within Africa. Our expertise guarantees quality, competence and rapid execution of projects ranging from small-sized data collection to more extensive multivariate data acquisition processes.

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Data EducationWe offer educational services to cater for the continent's data acquisition standard and learning needs. Milsat provides custom Learning Management Systems experience for governments, businesses, agencies and groups to create unique Africa-centric data collection courses with standard classroom models.
Technology AdvisoryWe help organizations and government agencies develop a technology foundation for existing traditional data by offering a structure of data transfer from old redundant methods into digital and consistent formats.
Field Survey and Data CollectionMilsat acquires location data on behalf of our clients within Africa using local expertise, custom mobile applications and certified enumerators. We focus on acquiring valid and accurate data by deploying a range of modern technologies across scales.

Our Approach

At Milsat, we leverage our profound understanding of the African terrain, technology trends and client expectations to develop valuable solutions to cater to the continent’s data requirements and deliver best-in-class data acquisition services.

We also recreate our custom data acquisition solutions to provide loads of ingenious and bespoke offerings that optimize our client’s enterprise operations; while improving their access to timely and precise data. At the core of every of our business engagements lies the zest to be the data home for African businesses and governments.