Abuja, Nigeria

We are building native products and best-in-class services with optimal innovation to improve African location data collection across scales.

Our expertise

Revolutionising the African location data ecosystem by acquiring more accurate and native datasets


Data acquisition through the use of natively designed geo- application for best location- based surveys and enumeration


Internet of Things (IoT)

Data acquisition with the use of smart sensors deployed within area of interest for real-time data acquisition and monitoring



Data acquisition with the use of drones and unmanned aerial vehicles for high-resolution data capture and processing



Data acquired with the use of remote sensing, image processing and analysis


Geo AI

Geospatial Artificial Intelligence built specificall for Geo-spatial analysis performed on acquired location dataset across all mediums


Our growth

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Location Datasets

Acquired over Ninety million (90,000,000) location datasets across two (2) African countries.

Field Survey Worth

Over ₦25B worth of field project/survey successfully powered and delivered to client expectation

African Focused Innovations

7 African focused innovations for location data collection, validation and tracking

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